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Book matched wood veneer

Veneer book matching is the most frequently used method for matching wood veneer. It is accomplished book matched wood veneer by turning every other veneer leaf over, and arranging it such that the grain opens at the spine, similar to the pages in a book. Alternating pieces of veneer are flipped over so they face each other as do the pages within a book. This creates a pleasing, symmetrical pattern. Veneer slices are joined in sequence without flipping the pattern.

If the grain is straight, the book matched wood veneer joints will book matched wood veneer not be obvious. Veneer is matched by color but book matched wood veneer not by grain. Bookmatching is the practice of matching two ( or more) wood or stone surfaces, so that two adjoining surfaces mirror each book matched wood veneer other, giving the impression of an opened book.

As applied to wood, bookmatching is usually done with veneer ( produced in one of several ways), but can also be done with solid wood. Book matched veneers. Every other strip of veneer is turned over. This produces a grain pattern that is matched at the veneer joint.

Slip book matched wood veneer matched veneers. Each strip book matched wood veneer is laid out side by side ( without turning over). This produces a repetitive pattern. Composed of several pieces of veneer varying in width that are glued together. Every other leaf or component of veneer from a given log is turned over to produce a mirror image at book matched wood veneer the splice joint, much like turning the pages book matched wood veneer of a book, to produce a very aesthetically appealing look across the face. ( red oak ps book matched shown here) slip matching

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